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Rekeyers Who Are Ready
Rekeying locks is a useful service for many reasons. A very common cause of a rekey is someone losing their keys. Nobody likes the idea of a stranger finding them and having access to their personal domain. Another typical producer of this puzzle is having locks that are old and undependable. Make sure that your castle is always protected by having an expert from Southfield Locksmiths rekey it for you.

Do you need to remove broken key? Perhaps as you inserted your opener into the locker it popped into a million pieces. This can be stressful, but don’t panic. We’ll always rush to your side to make sure you are properly taken care of. We will take out the damage that is in your locks and help you rekey if it is necessary.

A Rekeyer With Years of Experience


south field lock and keys
south field lock and keys

Many citizens do not realize the impact that a door lock rekey can have on your home. We live in a heavily enriched city, but do not take these riches for granted. Did you know that we as a community suffered through nearly 1,400 thefts in 2013? Some of these could be contributed to someone finding a lost set of keys and using them. Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to another person’s luck, call us to rekey your lock today.

Too many of our brothers and sisters in Michigan don’t take advantage of the services in front of them. Some of them will procrastinate and put it off until it’s too late. Others will completely turn the blind eye and disregard the importance of locksmithing. Why not lead the charge into establishing a greater sense of responsibility? Take the first step towards that destiny by calling Southfield Locksmiths for a rekey today.

Leave the difficult things to pros

Many of our customers call us a tad too late. It is disappointing to hear they have tried to do certain repairs on their own. It feels pretty bad to realize you’ve caused damage to important devices when trying to fix them. Especially when it ends up costing more than calling Southfield Locksmiths in the first place. Skip the frustrating disappointment and let us rekey home locks instead.

Tough Guys Who Tackle Tricky Situations


It isn’t always a doozy being a resident of Michigan. At times, our state can face a lot of pressure and uncertainty. This is something that we have had to adapt to over the courses of our existence. However, one thing we don’t have to put up with is a bad lock.

When you need a rekey to make yourself safer, call Southfield Locksmiths. We’ll put your predicaments in their place so you can keep pinching pennies.

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